This tutorial intends to teach you how to texture metal parts, especially tanks. I do not pretend it's the best way to texture as these are my first textures and there are tons of texture artist better than me... but at least i think it's a good basis to start if you have no clue about texturing...
Everytime i'm texturing, i experiment new effects so I improve my style a bit. That's why i'll update this tutorial later on. I'm currently working with Paint Shop Pro 8 and this tutorial will teach you how to configure the tools under this software. If you're a photoshop experienced user, I'm quite sure you can reproduce it without problems.

I'd like to thanks Marfy for his tutorials and screenshot of his (excellent) work. Without that I wouldnt know anything about texturing.

As an exemple, I'm going to show you how I textured the front part of the hull on this Panther :

This is quite a big tutorial so i divided it into chapter to make it easier.

1. Blueprints
2. Metal edges
3. Rust/Dirt
4. Metal plates
5. Lighten/Darken
6. Scratches
7. Shadow
8. Camos

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